Foolproof Father's Day Gifts for 2020

Father's Day –– the incontrovertible proof that there is holiday tougher to shop for than, well, every other holiday combined. Most dads rarely treat themselves, so it's no wonder we have difficulty getting a read on them. Moreover, we have the pandemic further complicating our shopping experience; do we even bother this year?

A new study done by, reveals that 2/3 of Canadians will be spending Father's Day away from their dads this year, a statistic largely driven by the ongoing effects of COVID-19. While many Canadians might be keeping their distance this June, 36% expressed that buying something for Dad is much more important this year than years previous.

So, what do you get dad anyway? Here are five dad-approved gifts that are forever timeless:

1. His favourite local coffee (or tea).

Depending on which side of the caffeine train your dad is standing on, your pops might favour one over the other. Personally, all the men on my side are coffee drinkers, as am I. For many dads, a tall order of hot coffee is the glue that holds the day together. While many drink the big box brands, there is just something about locally brewed coffee that keeps customers loyal, like these crowd-favourites

2. Gourmet condiments or BBQ rub.

If you have a dad who loves to barbecue, he probably sticks to the same spice mix and grill technique he has since he first started oh, so many years ago. He's unlikely to splurge on anything classified as gourmet because what he's got in his kitchen "does the trick". Sneak in a classic dry rub or a savoury hot sauce to keep things simple, yet delicious. 

3. A lavish cocktail kit or a case of craft beer.

If happy hour wasn't part of his regular routine before, it might be now that COVID has confined us all inside indefinitely. Either way, it's hard to go wrong with scooping up a case of his most beloved local brews. Alternatively, if he's not a fan of the hard stuff, you can always opt to introduce him to some tasty cordials; perfect for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. 

4. Beard balm and shaving soap. 

We hate to break it to your dad, but mullets and overgrown facial hair are difficult to rock. A subtle nudge with an unassuming grooming product might encourage your dad to tame that unruly quarantine beard he refuses to acknowledge. Err, we can only hope. 

5. Mouthwatering artisanal chocolate.

When all else fails, chocolate prevails. And no, we don't mean a Kit-Kat from the local corner store. Artisanal chocolate from a small batch chocolate shop or bakery not only tastes better, but has a much better story. Besides, some chocolate bars can be mailed out just like postcards. Direct to dad –– no muss, no fuss. 

We encourage all readers to do their own brand research to make for the most gratifying gift experience for Dad; however, if you don't have the time or confidence to choose the right products, don't worry! Gifting is our area of expertise and it would be remiss of us not to include our favourite line of curated gift sets exclusively for dads.

Good luck and Happy Father's Day!