The Classic Man


This box is packed full of our favourite finds for the "Classic Dad" –– the dad who loves dill-anything, the dad who is BIG on BBQ seasoning, the dad who can never hide his sweet tooth all that well.

Everything inside is made by Canadian artisans.

Here's what you'll find inside: 

Vanilla Bean Infused Honey, Bee Savvy
Hand poured by local beekeepers, this natural raw honey infused with real vanilla bean will have you adding a spoonful to everything.

Dill & Garlic Pickled Beans, Top Shelf Preserves 
A limited edition preserve, this mouthwatering pairing of dill and garlic is a welcome addition to any barbecue, dinner party or caesar.

Santa Fe Chipotle Honey Rub, Kanel
With hickory smoked sea salt, simmering chipotle chilis and honey, it’s an effortless way to make your favourite meats even better.

Mille Feuille Bar, Karat
Yin and yang, the perfect combination of dark and white chocolate delicately balanced with crispy butter wafer and fresh vanilla bean.

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