The Essentialist


This box is packed full of our favourite finds for the '"Essentialist Dad". Coffee? Check. Hot sauce? Check. Cocktail mix? Check. Canadian? TRIPLE check! 

Here's what you'll find inside: 

Sour Mix Cordial, Split Tree Cocktail
A familiar favourite for many, this classic mix combines fresh citrus fruits with Japanese yuzu juice, creating an incredibly dynamic and flavourful cordial.

Tipping Point Coffee, Rosso Coffee Roasters
Chocolatey, nutty and smooth. This full-bodied blend is versatile and is great when consumed black or with milk. The perfect cup of coffee every single time.

Jalapeño Apple Hot Sauce, Maritime Madness
This dark and savory sauce is the perfect blend of apple, sweet onion and jalapeños adds the perfect kick to any dish. Vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free!

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