The Enchanted


With all the makings of a perfect day, this magical mix of Canadian goodies will leave you positively spellbound. 

This thoughtful collection includes one-of-a-kind finds from Ottawa, Barrie and Kelowna. 

Here's what you'll find inside: 

Silver or Gold Juniper Branch Necklace, Birch Jewellery
This delicate juniper branch necklace adds a subtle element of Canadian nature to your wardrobe, adding a playful dash of chic to any outfit.

Elegance Bath Bomb, Amore Lee
Sweet Vanilla Buttercream with rose petals delicately sprinkled on top, this bath bomb perfectly pairs with a face mask and a glass of wine or tea.

Sour Cherry & Rose Jam, Top Shelf Preserves 
A delicate infusion of sour cherries, rose petals and cardamom, this jam adds a touch of class to any breakfast or brunch dish. Absolute heaven on biscuits.

Mille Feuille Bar, Karat Chocolate
Yin and yang, the perfect combination of dark and white chocolate delicately balanced with crispy butter wafer and fresh vanilla bean.

Every gift box includes a Makers Guide, so you can learn more about the products inside.


⋒ Make this gift extra special by adding the perfect card.

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